Check Out the New Resource Lounge

I know that I have told you about a few sales here and there, and so have informally introduced you to the “This is His Song” Resource Lounge, but now I would like to unveil it formally.

Why a Resource Lounge?

I started my resource lounge for a couple of reasons.

  • To help fund my growing ministry.   For those who don’t know me, I am a lifelong musician, who left a full- time career as a Human Resources specialist to pursue writing, music, and now songwriting and broadcasting.  So any funds generated through the Resource Lounge will help me toward achieving that end.

  •  To give you a place where you could sit back n chillax, listen to some great music, and browse through resources that may help you in your daily living.  I wanted to create a space where you could shop, research, etc. without having to be bombarded by ads as you read my articles.

Rather than list all the types of resources here, I would like to present to you, without further ado, the “This is His Song” Resource Lounge.

His Song

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