What’s This HOPE Thing All About Anyway?

What’s this HOPE thing all about anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked!

So, I woke up one morning a few years ago, and the word HOPE seemed to follow me all throughout my day. It was almost as if it was in everything I read, everything I saw and it was even part of a few brief conversations. I said to myself “This must stand for something,” and out of that, the HOPE slogan, Hunger Outdated Poverty Eliminated, was born.


Now it has always bothered me when I see someone who appears to be homeless and hungry. I may not be able to help each and every person, but it does always bother me.

Since the time of creating the slogan, I have learned a little bit about my ancestors’ desires to make a difference in this area. My great-grandmother Matilda once said that the Lord had told her to feed the hungry, which she did bountifully in her front yard. And my grandfather, John, owned Johnnie’s BBQ and welcomed all who came there with or without money. I even had to think back to my own background — once while on a business trip, I sat in my hotel room and asked God to help me open the Bible to a passage that pertained to me–wouldn’t you know it opened to Jesus feeding the 5000! It didn’t seem relevant at the time, because I hadn’t even dreamed of HOPE then, but now that I know how God works, I know better. So in my heart, I truly believe that HOPE is a God-given manifestation of the hopes and dreams of my ancestors.

I know that ending world hunger or even community hunger seems impossible, but actually there are many studies that say it is possible, and I know too that nothing is impossible with God! I believe that someday HOPE will be global vision, but for now I am thankful for family and friends like you that support the HOPE vision, so that I can do my part in continuing the family legacy

Thanks to Havyn for the awesome shirt design, to Peace and Nia for their wonderful support through song of our HOPE inaugural event in Indy a few years ago, and thanks to all who have given their support to HOPE events, both past and present by buying shirts, singing and volunteering. I look forward to God’s plans for this ministry.


We are making preparations to recognize September as Hunger Action Month, and expect to run out HOPE t-shirt campaign soon.  Stay tuned.





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  1. BattleMum

    I love what your HOPE stands for. I do believe that is a shame hunger and poverty are still in the world when there is so much food waste in other parts. I try to help homeless and the hungry when I can. This blog post is a lovely one to read and I wish you all the best for September x


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