Letters from Your Loving Father

My child,

You are very special to me.  You are hearing me, hearing the things I am teaching you, and you are melting my heart.  I take pride in you as I see you walking and growing and learning every day.

Come to me and rest, my child. Your provision is in Me.  Your comfort is in Me.  Your joy is in Me.  Put Me first, above everything else in your life.  Above others, above yourself.  Above your worries, hangups and hiccups.

I am within you.  I live in you and through you.  You don’t have to be afraid.  I delight in you.  I am proud of and pleased with you.

You can do this dear one, you can make it through this trial.  I am the Author, the Creator, the Ultimate Planner of your life.  I weave and intimately design the plans I have for you.  Keep me as your foundation, for I am building on you every day.  I will restore, for you are faithful.  Hang in there and see what I will do.  But love me for me alone. Not for what I can give you and not for what I can do for you.

Be lost in my presence.  Elevate.  Rise up.  Come to Me.  Let Me teach you.  Remain teachable, remain humble.  If you boast in anything, boast in Me.  Be amazed by Me–by what I have done and by what I am doing even now in your life.  Be grateful.  Be joyous.  Don’t get lost in your circumstances–you will get lost every time.

Get lost in Me.  Think only of Me, of what I would do, of how I would handle those situations that come up in your life.  React in love towards others.

Come and let me show you the way to love.  Come into the comfort of my waiting arms.  Let me help you.  You are not alone nor do you have to do anything alone.  I will never leave you.  I am in your head, I am in your heart.

Rest with me.  Rest in that comfort my child.  And know this, that I am with you through every situation in your life.  I will not leave you nor forsake you, no matter what things may look like or how it seems.  I love you my dear child.



Your Heavenly Father


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