In Need of Direction (Written by Sharon S. Johnson for Journey Magazine, Lifeway Publications, June 2015)

Here’s an article I wrote back when I was still into MapQuest.  Now I can’t live without GPS.  But spiritually speaking, we’re all in need of a little direction, aren’t we?



Have you ever started driving, fully convinced you knew how to get to your destination, only to find yourself wandering in circles? Many a time have I done this, and then sat there saying,”Now why didn’t you look at a map before you left home?”

Now, I know the concept of looking at a paper map is old-fashioned. True techies prefer the GPS. Not me. I tend to silently protest technological advancements though I haven’t quite figured out why.

I compromise by plugging my start and end points into my desktop and printing my step-by-step instructions. I especially like the expanded version that tells me that when I pass Thus-and-So Street, I have gone too far, or that I should turn right at Such-and-Such Restaurant. Those subtle hints clue me in that I am traveling along the right path. The more markers I successfully pass, the more confident I feel that I will ultimately reach my destination.

The same happens in my life journey. I start out with my own idea about where I am going, and start moving like gangbusters. I might think I know how to get there but sometimes my haphazard twists and turns get me lost. In those cases, I haven’t consulted my Bible to get my bearings straight, but the Bible is always there, just waiting for me to open it and gain my sense of direction.

When I stay in the Word, God gives me signs that I am on the right track. Sometimes I even feel guilty when I ask for more signs, but God knows that I am not always good at following His instructions so He understands I may need reassurance. As my journey lines up with His Word, I feel confident that I am in the right spiritual neighborhood.

My friend, Sharon, got tired of me being behind the times and bought me a GPS. I must admit, the virtual voice is quite comforting. Maybe someday I can upgrade to a spiritual GPS, God’s Positioning System. Now, I will always consult the Bible, but as I learn to recognize His still, small voice, I can trust that He will help me understand which way to go, reroute me when I go astray, and let me know when I have arrived at His destination for me, His will for my life! What a way to travel!



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