A Sunday Song from Sharon

Hey there Sunday Song Fam and Friends

I pray that your day is off to a beautiful start.

Let me share with you today something I am learning about myself and my mind. You see, I love my mind. It is what guides my creativity, which is ultimately a gift from God. However, there are times when I don’t love it so much, like when I allow it to take me down to the depths of despair, worry, anxiety and fear. I have come to understand that it is like two sides of the same coin or like a pendulum swinging in different directions. By that I mean that the same traits that enable me to be creative or see things differently by thinking WAY outside the box are the same traits that enable my mind to go WAY to the “nth” degree of negative possibility even when the least little worry enters my mind.

But thankfully, God doesn’t leave me there, and neither will He leave you there if you ever come to that point. God’s mercy is there for you no matter what your situation is, no matter how challenging or impossible it may seem. He is forever faithful and always provides for you, day after day, as you will hear in today’s Sunday Song.

As you listen, I pray that today and every day you come to know how great are the depths of His mercy.

Today’s Sunday Song: Great is Your Mercy, Donnie McClurkin

Key Verse
Psalm 86:13
For great is thy mercy toward me; and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest pit.

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His Song

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