First and foremost, it’s all about God. But on a personal note, let me share a bit more about how this blog came to be.

What’s in a name?

Now, I’ve always known that my name, Sharon, is a Hebrew name meaning “plains” as in flat lands. Not sure I was ever very excited about that, but so it is. One day, a very dear friend discovered and revealed to me that an alternate meaning of the name Sharon is “His song.” I’d NEVER seen that before so it was quite thrilling for me, as I am a lifelong musician, but only recently discovered the gift of songwriting. Since that time, I’ve learned that my life as His song is not only about the music in my life, but about learning how to live my life in Him and through Him every day. It is quite a journey and I continue to learn and experience many exciting things as I go along the Way.

I initially chose to name my blog “This is His Song” to give honor to God for the songs that He gives that bring joy, hope, comfort, and restoration at the times we need them most. But now, I know that this blog will be about much more than that. It will be about sharing my life’s journey as lived through music in hopes that you may recognize and remember that God is always with you on your life’s journey. May you join me in celebrating and appreciating not only His magnificent gifts of music and song but every good and perfect gift that He has for us.


More About Me

I am a mother of two wonderfully fabulous daughters. As I am sure you can tell, I love music, but I am also an author. My published works include God Must Have Wanted Me to Smile, the award-winning inspirational story that launched my writing career (featured in Tales2Inspire: The Sapphire Collection), and Verses of Victory, my very first published book, a 31-day devotional to educate, stimulate and motivate those who seek victory.   I served as writer of the  feature music article, the Music Spotlight, for Faith Filled Family Magazine, and have written music reviews and other articles for them.  Also, I have written both for Journey Magazine (Lifeway Publications) and The Bottom Line Magazine.  When you get right down to it, I am a lover of all things creative, and now, more than ever, I truly understand that God is the Ultimate Creator.  What a blessing!

It is only through God’s amazing grace that I have accomplished these milestones, and I give Him all the praise.   And I thank  you, my wonderful family and friends, for your loving support!


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