A Sunday Song from Sharon (Because of Who You Are)

Hey there Sunday Song Fam and Friends,

I want to talk to you about worship. When we worship, we give honor and reverence to our God. But why do we worship?

Well, many times we worship God for what He has done in our lives. Or maybe we worship Him because of what we want Him to do. But how many times do we worship God simply because of who He is? He is so many wonderful things to us. He is our Helper, our Comforter, our Provider, our Friend and so much more. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Great and Mighty God. Because of WHO HE IS, we should give Him all the glory and all the praise.

I pray that today’s Sunday Song blesses you in a special way and helps you to reflect on just who God is in your life.


TODAY’S SUNDAY SONG, Because of Who You Are, Vicki Yohe

Psalm 47:1-2
Come, everyone! Clap your hands! Shout to God with joyful praise! For the LORD Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth.





His Song

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