A Sunday Song from Sharon (We Will Rise)

Hey there Sunday Song Fam and Friends,

Welcome to this beautiful day given to us from our Lord above.  Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  We pray for their restoration in their time of difficulty.  We pray God’s love, blessings and comfort to those who are recovering from the storm, and we thank God for those who are helping with relief efforts in any way they can.

I wanted to share with you today the song “We Will Rise” from Natasha Owens.  The lyrics say:

When feelings try to tell us God has failed us
We won’t believe the lies the enemy tells
We will worship, we will praise the name of Jesus
The more we sing, the more healing prevails

Such powerful words, and much needed at this time because what we all need, no matter what we are facing, is God’s healing over our lives.  And I have found what the lyric indicates to be true, the more we praise God, the more all His blessings flow.  Yes, it is hard to trust Him in the midst of the storms of life, but if we can believe God instead of believing the lies of the enemy, we can rise above our trials and tribulations.  Praise God!

So with that, I’ll leave you with today’s song.  I hope that you have an abundantly blessed day, and remember, God has your back!


TODAY’S SUNDAY SONG:  We Will Rise, Natasha Owens

KEY VERSE: Micah 7:8 (AMP)
Do not rejoice over me [amid my tragedies], O my enemy! Though I fall, I will rise; Though I sit in the darkness [of distress], the Lord is a light for me.



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