A Sunday Song from Sharon (My Song, Magnificent Rose)

Today, I would like to re-introduce my song Magnificent Rose.  It is a song of adoration and worship to the Lord, but I also believe in my heart that it is a song of healing, for the more we praise Him, the more His blessings overflow.  

Since I wrote Magnificent Rose over three years ago, I feel I have gained a new perspective.  I recognize that not only is He my precious Rose of Sharon, but that He sees me as His rose, as His very precious and beloved one whom He loves.

You, too, are His rose.  He delights in and is overjoyed by you.  We, together as His church, His bride, are His most beloved rose, to whom He extends His most passionate grace and love.

So as you listen to this song, may you shower God with your love as He lovingly showers you.  Please feel free to share this song with others.  Let’s spread God’s love to the world.


TODAY’S SUNDAY SONG:  Magnificent Rose, Words and Music by Sharon S. Johnson, sung by Alona Melody Sistrunk

Song of Songs 2:1 (The Passion Translation)
I am truly his rose, the very theme of his song.  I am overshadowed by his love, growing in the valley!

Magnificent Rose (Press Play)

White Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus)


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