A Sunday Song from Sharon (Need the Lord)

Hey there Sunday Song Fam and Friends,

Time to hit you with some sweet harmonies from back in the day.  Six part harmony to be exact.  Anybody remember the a capella group Take 6?  Well, I really like them so I am taking a walk down memory lane.

The song I’ve chosen for the day is  based on an old hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour” but Take 6 gives it quite a harmonic twist.  In an upbeat fashion, they sing “If we ever a-needed the Lord before you know we sure do need Him now” and that couldn’t be more true these days with all that’s going on.

We need Him now and we will continue to need Him always.  But there is one thing He has promised us–He will never leave us nor forsake us.  So today, no matter what you’re going through–good or bad–know that he is right there with you.

Be blessed, and may you always know His presence in your life.


TODAY’S SUNDAY SONG: If We Ever Needed the Lord Before, Take 6

Psalm 16:5
You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hands.



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