Open, Says Me!

This story brings back a funny memory of one of my mishaps.  Believe me, I could write a book on just my mishaps alone.  Well, at least I can laugh at it now, plus it makes for a GREAT devotional.




My condo has a door problem. When its really hot it sticks, not an uncommon problem among doors. But on this particular day, it simply would NOT budge, no matter how I pulled, tugged, or begged.

At least I wasn’t in a rush for a change so no worries. Just a little annoyance I suppose. Try again.

Wow, it is REALLY STUCK! Now, mind you, I am by no means trapped inside. I have windows, and a sliding balcony door so if I get desperate, I could use one of those. But wait, I am on the 2nd floor. That won’t work. I could call my neighbor to push the door from the other side, but HOW EMBARASSING! I can’t even believe I am telling you this now, actually.

Suddenly, I remember several lessons I’ve read recently.  About God opening doors. I chuckle. Okay God, if you can open those big, humongous, spiritual doors for me, I know you can open this measly little door. I chuckle again. I have heard that God has a sense of humor.

I can’t tell you what combination of self-concocted door-opening prayers finally got that door to open, but eventually I was free. Many a person will say that door was closed because there was some reason I was not supposed to leave the house—maybe I was being spared from an accident even—I don’t know and likely never will.

But what I can tell you is that in the spiritual realm, God may sometimes close a door on a relationship, a job, an opportunity. And you may have no idea of the reason. You can whine and complain, and even ask why, but the truth is that if God has closed the door then you’d better believe that it’s not going to open unless He wants it to.

God doesn’t do this to make you feel trapped, bewildered or confused. But He is all-knowing, and if He has closed a door, it is for a reason. Protection? A more promising path? To teach you patience? Ultimately, maybe He just wants to show you that He is the only one who can open that door for you at just the right moment!

So should we get frustrated when we can’t open a door in our lives that has been shut? We’re human, so we’re bound to lose our patience with such things. But seek Him, trust Him, and wait for His divine timing. And if that door opens for you, you will know without a doubt that He did it!




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