A Sunday Song from Sharon (Jesus is Real)

Hey there Sunday Song Fam and Friends,

Do you have a favorite gospel song–you know, one that really gets you going?  Well I do.  And it surprises me that I have not EVER featured this song as a Sunday Song because every time I hear it, it makes me want to jump out of my seat and turn flips and such.

Now you may be thinking that this song is maybe a modern day song from one of my artists that I always listen to, like Kirk Franklin or Fred Hammond, but nope–not this time.   This one is from John P. Kee, and it’s an oldie but goodie–well, in my book anyway.

It’s called Jesus is Real, and it reminds me, as the title says, that Jesus is indeed real.  I don’t know what He is to anybody else, but I can tell you He is real to me.  He is not just some far away deity that doesn’t know or doesn’t care what I think or feel.  How do I know?  Well, I’m sure to each of us, it is a personal thing, but I can feel, see, hear His presence all around me.  Every time I think of what He did for me, I get excited, and that’s a good thing.

Yes, this song makes me dance around whether I’m in my house or in my car.  So today, if you encounter a woman who is turning flips, at least in her mind, it just might be me.   On this beautiful day, may you experience and enjoy the realness of our dear Jesus.


Today’s Sunday Song, Jesus is Real (Remix), John P. Kee


John 14:1–“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in Godbelieve also in me.”



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