Letters from Your Loving Father


My child, you have My peace. Take my peace and let it permeate your day. Do not worry about the past. You are a new creation this day, a new creation every day.

Like a peaceful river flows, so let My peace flow through you. It is a time of rest, free from worry and anxiety, a time of preparation–a time to get ready for what is to come, for what I am about to do in your life.

Please sit with me awhile. Hear what I have to say on the matter– the matters of your heart, the issues of your heart.

Resting in Me means being with Me, spending time with Me, getting to know Me as I know you–intimately. I delight in you, in your being.

Don’t run away. Do not hide from me. I am the Lord your God. I am your friend, the Best Friend you could ever come to know.

Walk with Me this day and I will show you just how true I am to My Word. My dear one, take some time to get to know me even just a little bit better. Remember, I am with you wherever you go and whatever you do.



Your Heavenly Father


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