Today, March 21, is World Poetry Day. On this day, I would like to share a poem that I wrote for the Candlelight Ceremony for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day a few years ago. It helped bring comfort to me and others who have lost someone to suicide. It has been nearly 6 years since I lost my brother (March 29). This poem can be used for anyone who has lost a loved one…


Candles of Hope

These candles of hope
Are burning so bright
With the flicker of flames
The glow of the light
With each breath you take
Every beat of your heart
You feel every moment
Of being apart

But the one you have lost
Will always remain
In the midst of your thoughts
Like the flicker of flames
The one that you loved
Will live deep inside and
The memories will shine
Like the glow of the light

These candles of hope
Are here to remind
That you’re not alone
Through this trying time
For each journey begins
With one simple stride
One flicker of flame
One glimmer of light

So just look around
As united we stand
While we cling to each other
Hold on to each hand
Let’s draw from each story
We’ve learned here today
And may hope now within us
Keep lighting the way

His Song
  1. Deb

    You are a gifted writer. Your poem blesses so many of us. Thanks so much for this. <3


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