A Sunday Song from Sharon

Hey Sunday Song Fam and Friends,

How are you this first day of Daylight Saving Time? I am starting out the day of reminding myself of something I claimed over my life at the beginning of the year, which is that this is a year of radical, crazy blessings; radical, crazy praise and radical, crazy faith. This is a season of rest, renewal, revival and restoration. It’s a season to expect God’s blessing, favor and freedom.

For me, no song captures this sentiment better than Jubilee, a song that I have had the pleasure to teach two of my youth choirs in the past. This song energizes me with an uplifting message that reminds me that this is our time–RIGHT NOW–to rejoice.

Yes, I know that sometimes it’s hard to rejoice because maybe you are going through a very difficult trial. Maybe you’ve hoped and prayed for something with seemingly no result. But, God is always at work in your situation, so to you, I say, be encouraged today. Continue to trust and believe. Know that the God of the whole universe has you on His heart and in His hands.

God has some amazing things in store…stay tuned! Be blessed, be good and be loved.

Today’s Sunday Song: Jubilee, as sung by Shout Praises Kids

Key Passage:
Isaiah 61

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